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Rose Point Farms offers for sale AlfaTec Hay cubes, and is gladly selling to new and existing customers. Don't fret during an impending drought or hay shortage. We can supply a CLEAN, COST EFFECTIVE. CONVENIENT alternative to hay. These cubes are 7/8" Alfalfa Timothy  compressed hay cubes, so they will not expand in the horses stomach. They are small and easy to chew.  The cubes contain 10-12 % moisture just like a bale of hay. Here are some more reasons why AlfaTec cubes are a great alternative to hay:

* Consistant Nutrient Quailty
* Economical to Feed
* No waste (horses don't stand in it etc)
*Easy to handle
*Dust and Mold free (great for horses with heaves, older etc)
* Available year round
AlfaTec cubes and pellets can be fed to livestock as a sole source of forage or as a high quality supplement.
For easy calculating figure on 1 pound per hundred pounds of horse, so  about 13 pounds per day.
One 500kg tote lasts an average keeper 1200-1300 pound horse approximately 83 days!
Nutrient Values of Processed Timothy Alfalfa Hay Cubes from Alfa Tec
Nutrients and Minerals Percent
Protein 13%
Total Digestable Nurtients 54%
Digestible Energy 2.07
Calcuim 1.40%
Phosphorus 0.20%
Potassium 1.50%
Copper 5.00
Zinc 20.00
Lysine 6.1 % of protein
Methionine & Cystine 3.0 % of protein
Threonine 3.8 % of protein
our cubes also contain other minerals  
vitamins and nurtients not listed  


Myth: Cubes are more expensive than hay.
Fact: There is no waste with cubes and reduced manure, storage and labor costs. When you calculate on a per day basis you will be surprised. Costs run 3.55 to 3.91 per day per average feeding.

Myth: Horses will choke on cubes.
Fatc: AlfaTec cubes are smaller in size - 7/8 inch cube. Saliva breaks down the cubes during chewing. A horse will chew them, not attempt to swallow them whole. "Gulpers" will choke on any type of feed.

Myth: Young horses cannot eat cubes.
Fact: Cubes are suitable for all ages. Mothers will teach their young how to eat cubes. There is a more efficient growth rate from high quality, consistent feed.  Here at Rose Point Farms even our smallest mini babies are on cubes from the time they begin eating.

Myth: Cubes need to be soaked before feeding.
Fact: Cubes contain 10 - 12 % moisture, like hay. As with any feed, a good supply of clean, fresh water should be easily accessible. Cubes MAY be soaked for older horses with poor teeth.

Myth: Cubes are dehydrated and will swell in the belly.
Fact: AlfaTec cubes are compressed, not dehydrated. Saliva is sufficient to dissolve the cubes.

Myth: Cubes provide less feeding time than hay.
Fact: Cubes are manufactured to specific hardness, size and shape to facilitate maximum chewing time.  Horses will adjust to eating cubes.



ALFATEC CUBES ARE GUARANTEED TO BE MOLD FREE  Rose Point Farms and the factory.  However, once they leave here if you pick up, or they arrive at your property, if we deliver, we cannot guarantee how you store them.  THEY MUST BE STORED IN A DRY ENVIRONMENT. Storing outdoors under tarp is not recommended.  Best case scenario, off the ground (on pallets) inside a drip free Quonset, barn, shelter, garage, shed or bin.  The totes require about 4'x4'x4' of room to store, and can safely be stacked 2 high.