About Us

Classic Touch Equine is now offering Equine Massage. I have trained through Equinology for the Body Workers certification. I am also a graduate of Olds College Equine Science Production and Breeding Management. Helping our equine athletes become better has been a passion of mine for  a long time. Equine massage can benefit the horse and the rider and make riding more enjoyable for both! 

Massage is used to increase mobility and flexibility, promote better muscle tone and fluid body movement. Misalignment within the body causes tight muscles and pain; your horse will begin to show a change in posture and gait. With regular maintenance, small issues can usually be corrected before they turn into big problems. Regular maintenance, usually a couple times a year is recommended, for a horse in any discipline. I will tailor the program to your horse, depending on his exercise, show, health and your appointments may increase or decrease!

Here are some signs that your horse may need a massage:
• have trouble taking proper lead
• scuffs or drags toes
• trouble holding and/or gaining weight
• constantly shifts weight when standing
• stands with leg cocked or points
• throws head 
• holds head off to one side
• attitude takes a sudden change (calmer, grumpier etc) 
• appetite changes (please consult your veterinarian first!) 
• Not doing something the horse used to do
• Just want to be nice to our friends!

**Equine Therapy does not replace Veterinary treatment, but working together with your Vet and a Farrier, will ensure that your athlete is at the top of their game.**

Please Call  or email me, Amanda Wunsch, for more information, prices or if you have any questions!